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Bloodstone Crystal Candle
Bloodstone Crystal Candle

Wholesale Bloodstone Crystal - STRENGTH - 13oz Classic

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Bloodstone Crystal - STRENGTH - Bergamot Tobacco Ylang
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Strength candle has a fragrance blend Bergamot, Tobacco and Ylang. Bloodstone Crystal is excellent for bringing out inner strength, sense of determination. It aids in regaining personal power, over coming lethargy while increasing drive, negative thoughts and self doubts. Each candle comes with the crystal's description and use on a hang tag card.

  • Manufactured by: South River Candle Co.
  • Merchant SKU:791586246417
  • 13oz Scented Soy Candle
  • High Fragrance - essential oil and fragrance blend
  • Clean Burn - no color or dyes
  • 85 Hour Burn Time
  • Manufactured In The USA

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