Private Label Candle Manufacturer - $500 Minimum order - Current Production Lead Time is 2-4 weeks for Candles.

Are your products made in the USA? 

All custom candles are hand poured by our team of candle makers in our New Jersey facility. Nearly all of our components (wax, fragrances, vessels, wicks) are sourced from the US as well with very limited exceptions where quality and pricing were materially improved via importing. 

Do you offer quantity pricing?

Yes, we offer quantity pricing on most of our products. You can see break pricing on each product page once you have signed in.  

How can I get samples of your product?

If you would like to sample our fragrances or candles you can order from our retail site with no minimums. Fragrance orders will typically ship within a business day and custom candle orders around 2-3 business days.  

How long will it take to ship our order?

Production for custom candles typically takes 2-5 weeks January to August and 3-6 weeks September to year end. Other items such as non-custom candles (votives), diffuser oils, wick centering tools, tealight cups, etc will typically ship within the week. Requests are processed in the order they come in though delays can take place when a component is temporarily out of stock which will allow other items to be produced quicker. It is difficult for us to provide more specific timing as we focus on the immediate orders.   

Can an order be rushed or expedited?

We offer the ability to have your order rushed (made in 1-2 weeks) for a 20% fee to cover overtime for the workers. Please make this request in the comment section of your order and reach out to us to confirm we will have all of your items in stock. 

Do you ship internationally?

While we are happy to manufacturer for anyone around the world, customers outside of the US and Canadian must arrange for their own pickup at our facility. 

What are your minimums / MOQs?

Our minimums are $500 for all orders. We require this in order to provide the best pricing possible to our customers. If you would like to order with no minimums you can go to our retail website for smaller candle orders or for related supplies.  

Can I provide my own fragrance?

We work with many customers who provide their own fragrances for production. You can order candles as you would normally and select "Sending in Own Fragrance" at the bottom of the fragrance drop-down menu. This will automatically reduce the cost of the order. Please reference this in the comment section of the order along with the % you would like used. Fragrances can be mailed to our facility and must be labelled with your name and order number to avoid any confusion. Excess fragrance will be discarded unless requested to be mailed back with your order, or we can hold it for up to 6 months (extensions may be granted) for future orders. Please note that every fragrance responds differently to burning (some require a stronger or lighter strength wick to burn evenly) and we cannot guarantee performance without testing.  

Can I provide my own vessels?

We work with many customers who provide their own vessels for production. As all vessels require their own wicks which we may or may not have in stock and we need to establish fill levels to determine appropriate pricing, we require testing to be done on all non-standard vessels. (not required if it matches the size of one we already use) Two of each vessel will need to be provided in advance for testing with a $50 non-refundable fee for each vessel type that can be applied to the future order. A pricing estimate can be provided in advance which will be firmed after testing. 

Do you do drop shipping or fulfillment or work with Amazon?

We do drop shipping for customers as well as ship directly to Amazon fulfillment centers. We can accept your own shipping labels, packing lists, and remove our identifiers. This must be explicitly referenced in the order comment section. We do not currently offer full fulfillment (shipping individual candles) and do not break-up orders though exceptions can be made for splitting up orders of material size.  

Can you print our labels?

We offer private label printing and application services. See our page here ( for details. Options for matte, gloss, or clear labels that can be applied to the vessel, lids, and boxes. We do not do foil or hot stamping and do not screen print directly onto boxes, lids, or candle vessels.

Can you apply our own printed labels?

We can apply labels provided to us. Typical charge is $0.35 per application though larger or smaller labels may impact pricing and discounts may be provided for multiple labels on a single product. 

Can you color match labels to wax color?

We unfortunately cannot color match labels and wax as coloring can vary by fragrance and the process can time consuming. This can be considered for orders over 1000 candles. 

Can I have my own fragrance custom made?

We offer free custom blends of our existing oils from our library of over 150 fragrances. While we are happy to make suggestions, we recommend having a sample made via our retail site at to determine if it is the right mix. For large orders, typically over 1000 candles, we can work with our fragrance houses to have a custom fragrance made for you. Special pricing will apply.

Do your candles contain any harmful ingredients?

Our wicks are 100% cotton, our wax is vegan, and our fragrance oils do not contain any parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. 

Do candles have an expiration date?

We have not experienced any noticeable degradation or deterioration in the quality of candles after multi-year shelf life when appropriately stored. Sunlight can certainly impact the coloring and temperatures can impact the consistency of the wax so proper storage is important. While there seems to be an industry fragrance industry standard applying a 1 year shelf life of all fragrance oils, we know most consumer used candles (and other fragrance driven productions like perfumes/colognes, soaps, lotions, etc) will more often than not have a lifecycle of well over a year from fragrance production to user application and often over several years with no noticeable quality implication. 

What are the measurements of your vessels and boxes?

All measurements to vessels and their respective boxes will be provided in the description section of each items.  

Do you offer custom screen printing on vessels or boxes?

We work with custom glass and box manufacturers. Minimum orders are 1000 for glass and boxes (exceptions can be made for as low as 500) though exceptions may cost as high as $5 per item. 

Can you have a label designed for me?

We have a graphic designer that will provide custom label designs with up to 3 options to choose from. The fee is $250 per design set.