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Candle Healing and Energy Work

Posted by Deja Allison (2006) on 7/4/2016 to Candle Making Tips
Candle Healing and Energy Work

Simple Guidelines For Candle Burning

The Subconsciousness and Belief

by Deja Allison (2006)

The psychological basis of most ritual performance is the connection to the emotional body. The subconscious mind can not and does not distinguish between 'actually is' and 'what it thinks is'. It makes no judgment. It does not discern or weigh evidence. It accepts all input like a filtering house for all data. It will file, categorize, and label experiences from all 5 senses.

It will be altered to any danger, or anything that has left an impression on or pattern from a previous experience. To the subconscious EVERYTHING is real. This is the seat of phobias, fears and where habits form, but it is also the place of love, compassion and hope. If you want to ever change an old pattern of behavior, the subconscious is the area you must appeal. There is where change is formed and made.

How to Add Images To Candles

Posted by on 7/30/2015 to Candle Making Tips

Have a few plain candles in a cabinet somewhere? Today, I’m going to share with you how to add images to candles using a heat gun. Using this technique, I turned plain white inexpensive candles into beautiful ones that look like they came from an upscale boutique. These make great gifts!#DIYGift#1HourProject

Tricks to Make Perfume Oils Scents Last All Day

Posted by on 6/20/2015 to Candle Making Tips

The first step in making the scent from perfume oils last through the day is knowing that perfumes and colognes like moist skin. If your skin is too dry, the perfume or cologne is absorbed rapidly because of the amount of alcohol in it. Keeping your skin moisturized will help it last. Often you can match your perfume or cologne to a lotion or cream to help it keep its staying power. If you don't have a lotion to match, petroleum jelly works just as well and helps lock in the scent.

How to Make a Candle Centerpiece

Posted by on 3/20/2015 to Candle Making Tips

By eHow Contributor

Floating centerpiece

Instead of a traditional candle centerpiece, go with a floating candle centerpiece for effect.